1. The history of bwat

From a trip to an idea:

It was during a family trip to Italy in November 2019 that the idea of bwat came up to me.

We were in San Gimignano on the Duomo square enjoying an Italian ice cream, when I wanted to throw my napkin. As I approached the nearest trash can, I noticed that the opening was unusually wide and not very high. It was a trash can created specifically for pizza boxes!

From reflection to action

I quickly realized that the problem was not this unfortunate garbage can, but the number of boxes that were thrown in it in a few minutes. If you think about it, they are only useful for 20 minutes: the time it takes to transport them, to cut the pizza, to eat and then they end up cluttering up our garbage.

Another disadvantage of these boxes is that they are not recyclable. This makes them a bulky and polluting waste, but we will be able to do without them today thanks to the bwat.

In search of alternatives

Back in Belgium, I surf on my computer to look for alternatives to the current cardboard boxes. To my great surprise I did not find much.

Time to make it happen

The project was born and very quickly federated a solid team, with the purpose of reducing the impact of this waste. Our priorities:

1 – Find the ideal material

2 – Calculate is this material is not, in the end more polluting than carboard

We chose polypropylene wich is easily recyclable. It is a non-harmful material.

With the prototypes developed, the project is on track.

What next? You will allow us to write our future.

2. The theam

This is me, Sebastien 35 years old, passionate about adventure and nature.

I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, building my own company, with my values, my energy. Creating a company that doesn’t make sense wasn’t my goal either. In love with our old planet I wanted to do something to help it.

So I managed to link two things I really love, the Earth and pizzas :-p.

As you may have read, the idea came to me during a family trip. The family is the one who helped me to develop this project and I thank them all 🙂