The bwat

10% discount when you buy 2 bwat’s

Dimensions: 36cmW X 6,1cmH of pure happiness.

Essential for: pizzas, quiches and pies

Benefits: Aeration, elevated pizza, foldable for dishwasher safe


Réduction 2 - 10 10%
Réduction 2 - 10 10%

Bwat is the first reusable box for pizzas, quiches and pies.

  • Foldable, it can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Its ventilation slots prevent your pizzas and quiches from getting soft due to condensation.
  • The bwat tray and lid snap together easily to have a perfectly sealed box in no time.
  • Once clipped, the bwat’s fit on top of each other for easy transport.
  • No risk of having half of your ingredients sticking to your bwat lid. It has been designed to be resistant
Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 6.1 cm

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