The reusable pizza Bwat that will change your parties

They talk about us!

Objectives: reduce waste on our scale.

At Bwat, we have a simple yet essential mission: bidding farewell to cardboard pizza boxes that end up in the trash after just one use. Our concept is unique and conceived by Belgians.
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Pizza boxes thrown away each year.

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Only for Belgium🇧🇪


Equivalent to deforesting 70 football fields! ⚽

"No room for these damn boxes!"
"No room for these damn boxes!"
"No room for these damn boxes!"

The cardboard boxes

Not so great after all!

Much more than just a pizza box!



Dishwasher washable

Keeps the pizza/quiche warmer than a traditional box.


Never thought about it? At Bwat, we did it! Consume easily without having to create a mountain of dishes and without filling the trash can with packaging waste! We offer you a practical box that preserves all the qualities of your meal! All of it, made in Belgium 🇧🇪


Single-use packaging is a real ecological nightmare. Generally, the cardboard box has a lifespan of 1 to 2 hours between the moment it leaves the store and the moment it ends up in the trash... With a Bwat, all these boxes of quiches, pies, and pizzas will no longer pollute your bins!


Designed to stack, Bwats are easy to transport and store! Additionally, their design allows them to easily fit into a dishwasher


The Bwat has been endorsed by Eric Morieux, bronze medalist at the French Neapolitan Pizza Championship

Customizable to your liking.

Choose from a range of colors for your Bwat.

Enjoy the good moments, without compromises!

We believe that every happy moment should be complete, without compromises. That’s why we created Bwat, so you can savor every bite, every moment, without any tab to settle. With our products, you can bid farewell to concessions and fully embrace the simple pleasure of sharing a pizza, a pie, or a quiche. Make every moment a delight, without reservation, without limits, and without regret. That’s enjoying the good moments without compromises, that’s living life as it should be: flavorful, straightforward, and full of joy.