How it started

It was during a family trip to Italy in November 2019 that the idea for Bwat as we present it to you today came to me. We were in San Gimignano in the Duomo square, enjoying Italian ice cream, when I wanted to dispose of my napkin. Approaching the nearest trash bin, I noticed that it was unusually wide and not very tall. It was a bin created specifically for pizza boxes!

From the idea to the action

I quickly realize that the problem is not with this unfortunate trash bin, but rather the number of boxes that are thrown into it within a few minutes. If we think about it, they are only useful for 20 minutes: the time it takes to transport, cut the pizza, eat, and then they end up cluttering our bins. Another disadvantage of these boxes is that they are not recyclable. This makes them a cumbersome, polluting waste, but one that we can do without today thanks to Bwat.

Who is behind Bwat?

Hi there, yes, that's me, Sebastien, 35 years old, passionate about adventure and nature. I've always dreamt of being an entrepreneur, building my own company with my values and energy. Creating a company without meaning wasn't my goal either. As a lover of our good old planet, I wanted to do something to help.