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Bwat is the first reusable box for pizzas, quiches, and pies.
  • Easily cleanable in the dishwasher.
  • Its ventilations prevent the dough from softening.
  • Quick closure
  • Stackable for easy transport.
  • No risk of ingredients sticking to your Bwat lid.


poids: 450gr

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 6,10

Choose your Bwat!


Title Range Discount
Réduction 2 - 10 10%
Nicolas. E
"J'en avais marre de toutes ces boîtes en carton après une soirée pizza entre amis"
Dominique. T
Je recommande Bwat à toutes les personnes qui cherchent à se débarasser des poubelles qui débordent !
Fabienne. L

What they think about Bwat

A meaningful project

The Bwat project was born out of our deep concern for the environment. We wanted a solution that is in perfect harmony with our values. That's why the Bwat was created in a way that does not exacerbate the environmental issues we are seeking to solve.

Everyone takes part!

Over the years, we have succeeded in convincing many professionals. Going back to the source, we realized that they play a crucial role. That's why we thought about a way to collaborate closely with them. This is how a strategy of close collaboration was born, which already extends to neighboring territories! If you want to join the adventure, take a look at our professional program!